11 Yoga Fart Pictures That Prove It’s Not Just You

Ladies Fart Yoga

Since our earlier post about the 4 taboo yoga class questions clearly resonated with our community, we thought we’d continue the taboo trend and share our favorite yoga fart images.

These are lighthearted and tastefully done, while proving that yoga class farting is a challenge we all face.

Of course, on one level, that’s a good thing given yoga asana are meant to help you cleanse and detoxify your body, and what better way to release toxins that a good old fashioned fart?


Ladies Fart Yoga(Source: Pinterest)


Most Likely To Fart Tank Top(Source: Pinterest)


Can't Trust My Farts(Source: Pinterest)


Farted In Class Today(Source: Pinterest)


Fart Evacuation(Source: Pinterest)


Fart Yoga Postures(Source: Pinterest)


Have To Fart Yoga(Source: Pinterest)


Feels Good To Fart(Source: Pinterest)


Haven't Farted Not Doing It Right(Source: Pinterest)


Yoga Holding In My Farts(Source: Pinterest)

11) And, not but last least, the official Yoga Fart Badge.
Congratulations, you’re part of the club!

Yoga Fart Badge(Source: Pinterest)

Did at least one of these make you smile? Then pass it on to bring some light to someone’s day!


  1. Joshua Sanders Reply

    Ann Marie at Evolation Yoga in Buffalo is a hilarious and lovely person!!! And I’m a giggling child but hopefully one day I will reach a respectable level of mind body connection so that I see the wisdom in her response instead of drooling and laughing like a nincompoop!

  2. Linda Pedrosa Reply

    Sharon Aluma
    Bettina Bettina
    Rachel Novetsky
    Rachael De La Torre
    Amy Dannheim
    Mike Dannheim
    Ashli Katz
    Alicia Benitez
    Shayna Doytier
    Jessica Chin Fong
    Jessica Bergman
    Patricia Penafiel

  3. Mikey Vogt Reply

    Do lots of planks, L sits and handstands against the wall before you go to a class if you feel gassy, it will tighten your core and push out any gas so you get the farting out of the way before class

  4. Annabelle Alega Reply

    My friend did it during the class, I’d never concentrated the class after lol….!

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