21 Awesome Yogi Babies. Check Out The Legs On #14 – Delicious!

Meditating Yoga Baby

babies are natural yogis…

they trust and explore their bodies; they have no judgement and aren’t self-conscious about what they look like; and they definitely live in the now.

to top it all, they look adorable doing virtually anything.

i couldn’t resist putting some of my favorite yoga babies together to make this babies’ guide to yoga :-).


think about what a great world we’ll be living in when all kids do yoga…

a society of healthy, self-aware human beings – how novel ;-).

and, when they start young they’ll have so many less bad habits to unlearn over time (physically, mentally & emotionally)!

sit back, have a sip of your tea (or coffee) and enjoy :-).

1. oh, yeah, this feels good. (source: pinterest)

upward dog baby

2. talk about lengthening through the back… (source: pinterest)

downward dog yoga baby

3. i’ve almost got it, mom! (source: pinterest)

crow pose yoga child

on the next page, i’m not sure if my favorite is the jungle gym yoga or the sleep yoga…

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  1. Bendy Mommy Reply

    Thanks for making my tough cookie #20 on your list. Check out some of her other poses on our blog Bendymommy.tumblr.com

    • yogiliving Post authorReply

      Definitely will Bendy Mommy. Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Leslie Vincent Reply

    Sandee Versace asked us this very question in yoga practice tonight. My list was too long to only have three. I honestly coudn’t think of anything I wasn’t greatful for today.

  3. Judy Denholm Reply

    my wonderful loving family and friends, my health and the fact that im happy with life in general feel very lucky and blessed x

  4. Melissa Andrews Reply

    Waking up next to my love every single morning Brad Mansilla sharing a kiss and a smile. It brings me joy each morning and sets the day for success.

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