[Video] Need Some Yoga Inspiration? This is it.

To put it lightly, these videos have been the source of a significant amount of controversy. While beautifully filmed, they definitely (and intentionally) push the boundaries.

For example in the first video, as opposed to focusing solely on her extraordinary (and hard earned) yoga practice, there’s a serious leaning towards highlighting just how sexy this yogi (and her lingerie) are.

Click the link below to be inspired by this stunning practice:

Need Some Yoga Inspiration? This is it.

A lot of yogis have had something to say about the “angle” of this video but, despite the controversy, it’s pretty damn inspiring.

Briohny Smyth is a yoga teacher in California who has had a challenging yet extraordinary journey largely supported by her practice.

It might not be what “traditional yogis” looked like, but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love it.

Pretty awesome, right? If you loved that, you’ll definitely want to watch the following video of Briohny doing an extraordinary partner yoga sequence with her husband, Dice Iida-Klein.

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    • yogiliving Post authorReply

      Hi Pearl! This is a Vinyasa yoga. There are many styles of Vinyasa yoga but they’ll all have the fluid type of movement where each posture connects from one to the next. Hope that helps!

  1. Hilary Wolf Reply

    She is a real person though. Pretty sure she’s not a robot. My practice is not anywhere near hers but it’s beautiful to watch her.

  2. Ken Swecker Reply

    Exactly. Remove the ego and enjoy the practice at any level, and be inspired by her practice, that was amazing and deserving of our respect.

  3. Michele Kruger Reply

    This is Briohny Kate Smyth She is incredible & has a very real story. I took one of her classes w her partner…nothing but gracious & authentic. Her practice is inspiring…

  4. Maria Alejandra Reply

    Samantha she is real. Her name is Briohny Smith and she has three children one of them under one year old. She is a yoga teacher and she travels the world sharing her practice alongside her husband and sometimes her children. She is down to earth and very beautiful person. We are all real people. Let’s see the beauty in all of us. I’m sure you have a beautiful practice and something to offer others that they might not be able to do. We are all beginners at one point. The point is to start.

  5. Maria Alejandra Reply

    To all. The couple in this video is Briohny Smith and Dice Ida-Klein. They are married and have three children. They travel the world sharing their practice and are phenomenal teachers. They are real and they are beautiful people. I have had the pleasure of taking a workshop with them and I take online classes with Dice through yogaglo. I’m not trying to sell them to you just trying to make a point that they are just sharing their practice. The point of the lingerie or two piece: you can see the body in movement and the different muscles and areas that are being activated during yoga. Pay particular attention to the abdomen as she moves and the muscles in her back and arms as she inverts, the use of the toes for balance etc.

  6. Samantha CM Reply

    Thanks for clearing that up. I’d read an article that talked about the use of professional dancers in routines like this. It said how bad it was because it misguided people and discouraged them, even as pretty as it looks. And I am 100% positive that the article used stills from this routine. I still stand by the notion that I am personally inspired by people who’s asanas maybe aren’t so perfect. But, it’s nice to know people still care after all this time. I will have to look her up. Thank you.

  7. Erica Allen Reply

    Dara D’Agostino here’s some more inspirational yoga. I like the video because It shows how powerful and graceful yoga can be but not a fan of this girl making it look sexy and seductive in her undies lol.

  8. Chris Reply

    It’s great to see strong graceful yoga but does it have to be presented in underwear? Leave the ego/image out of the message. That’s really inspirational in todays ego selling world.

  9. Amy Howe Reply

    There is plenty of yoga clothing that can do the same thing.
    I personally do not like this new trend of nearly naked yoga, but to each their own I suppose.

  10. Danny Mohr Reply

    Have you ever done yoga naked in your bedroom? It is a truly freeing experience, and in my city (Portland, OR) there are naked yoga classes and studios! The human body is a beautiful thing, we should not be ashamed of it or feel like we have to hide it. I love this video and every little thing about it

  11. Betsy Heilman Reply

    omg i getting so sick of all these postings that say they are about yoga and its all about how good your body looks and perfect your body is. Sori but its NOT yoga, and its NOT generating any good for REAL yoga. You can go through the motions like a robot like every other girl who does anything else, so what? she’s a beauty, was she ever fat
    ? sick? stuck with one arm or poor or live in a place that wasn’t all white (in more ways than one) and came with a cleaning lady? this aint yoga its a commercial for how to be the first one in line for a 1% white mans arm…I practice from the Astanga model and have been for studying the Yoga scriptures and practicing asana for almost 30 years, I do not care if I ever look like her, and not only that but I am distressingly aware that i am in a very sick mental illness that permeates our sick culture when i worry about how thin i am or how good i look, or that i have to practice because i ate some crap. its so sad… i hate to think about all the women that get up early every day to practice and all thats on their mind is how they are gonna look. i gonna start a yoga page with people who are heavy and awkward and doing things in the world that help people who no one else will help. Sori but I recently went over the edge after seeing a post that compared yogi women who worry about their thighs to Mother Theresa, it said “Mother Theresa never worried about her thighs”. well, sori, but the post made me slightly nauseated and even a bit offended. A Yogini who worries about her thighs … can be NOTHING EVEN CLOSE to Mother Theresa … do you see??? at least not in this life time … lets see a video of a spiritual transformation as a result of yoga, oh thats right who care about that?…

  12. Ayumi Owczar Reply

    Beautiful. Inspiring. No issues with what she is wearing. You are able to see everything at work. Not any difference than doing this on a beach in a swim suit.

  13. Daniela Maria Reply

    Beautiful. Aside from fancy moves and inversions, what I find truly impressive is the way she is clearly inhabiting her whole body. You can see how alive and awake even her fingers and toes are.

  14. Larissa Dupree Reply

    I don’t understand the controversy. I’ve seen people practice yoga in clothes only slightly less revealing. If I had her body, I’d do everything in my underwear!

  15. Linda Myers Reply

    She is so awesome, but it is a bit ridiculous to feel the need to post this in your underwear. What are you trying to achieve? Sharing yoga or getting the most hits or likes by a population they has no interest in yoga, only in a revealing video? So beautiful that it would be great in regular yoga clothing.

  16. Stephanie Horner Reply

    Love this. I look forward to the day I can do crow snd go into a controlled handstand. I can only do handstand with momentum and crow is still a work in progress but I’m enjoying the journey. 🙂

  17. Alex Zavlunova Reply

    I never get tired of watching this video. Her yoga practice is beautiful, as is she. However, she could’ve worn shorts to show the body just as much, with out drawing to the sexual appeal of lingerie. But sadly non-toga practitioners would probably not even bother watching this video if she was.

  18. Kelly Stowell Reply

    Her discipline is so awesome to watch. Doing it in her underwear….doesn’t bother me; it shows the lines of her body without the distraction of clothing moving around. Phenomenal.

  19. Elizabeth Gonzalez Reply

    People get worked up over the human form. I’ve seen bathing suits on the beach that are more revealing. She’s in underwear. Big whoop. She’s bad a$$ and looks amazing! People need to stop harping on the little things

  20. Liz Reply

    I didn’t even notice the lingerie at first…I was transfixed by her movements. I think the lingerie fits with the mood of the video though. It’s about Yoga as life. She is getting up to start her day when the world is quiet. I would do it in whatever I slept in too. Plus they are just simple black bra and panties…people need to relax a bit.

  21. Candice Kramer Reply

    While this young woman is uber flexible and strong her practice is way beyond the norm and should not be held up as what yoga is all about. As a yoga teacher it is just this type of video that causes people to state I could never practice yoga because I am not flexible I could never do that. Yoga is so much more than advanced postures. Just saying.

  22. Karen Urso Reply

    Being in her underwear allows you to see every muscle and her “perfect” body alignment and how she uses leverage to get into her poses….simply exquisite!

  23. Angie Steuber Reply

    Great post. I have an almost daily yoga practice and can look at this and appreciate her hard work and am more interested in seeing her hand placement, where her eyes are focused, how she moves to get to the next pose etc. it’s a shame that everything has to be sexualized…if she would’ve worn a pair of shorts people would have focused on something else to be negative about.

  24. Jessica Hesser Reply

    I am watching a woman in her underwear do gymnastics. She’s super good at it, but where the F is the yoga? Gimme a break. Enough bastardizing this ancient spiritual discipline.

  25. Ron Duncan Reply

    Amazing and inspirational. Down Dog to various handstands. Handstand to scissors. Incredibly beautiful. No, I don’t expect to reach that level in my practice, but it inspires me to keep going. I was going to skip class this afternoon to work on a presentation. Not now.

  26. Deana Anker Reply

    Yeah, I don’t get why it’s a big deal, it seems appropriate for the setting of this piece, she’s in her bedroom, I would be wearing less than that if someone video taped me doing yoga first thing. Small b***s=no bra.

  27. Ashley Podnar Reply

    Don’t be intimidated or anything Kati Liegl but this is how I do yoga… Sooo yeah, feel free to buy a mat when we live together! 😉

  28. Jennifer Schneller Reply

    You can see before you watch the video that she’s in her underwear. So don’t watch it if you don’t want to. But it really allows you to see her body movements, which are amazing and inspiring. So graceful. Love it.

  29. Michael Cutter Reply

    Well regardless of the controversy she didn’t develop a routine like that by modeling lingerie. Anyone with that level of ability has put in the work and dedication for many years and there’s nothing wrong with showing it all off in a beautiful way. I’m looking.

  30. Michael Cutter Reply

    The human body should be appreciated. She’s put in incredible time to get to that level but that’s even beside the point. I say lighten up and let yourself be.

  31. Dwayne Proffitt Reply

    OMG Love this video!!! Seen it for the first time maybe a year ago or so. Every time it comes through my news feed, I have to watch it again. This is the absolute definition of “grace”!!! Beyond inspiring!!! She moves and flows like water!!! PHENOMENAL

  32. Davrick Kahakuikamoana Waltjen Reply

    I’ve practiced with Briohny and her husband Dice (the guy in the video). She has a very dedicated practice, and although I’ve never taken her class (she is a teacher), both she and her husband have students of all levels showing up. Don’t forget, there are people who would see this and become inspired to try yoga – the entire global population is not made up of naysayers.

  33. Kristina Flaschner Reply

    Love this video. Really appreciate the strength and beautiful alignment she demonstrates. The fact someone stated this woman has had three children inspires me even more!

  34. Yemike Hahn Reply

    Always amazing to watch! Don’t really care what she wears since it’s not the focus of the video. This is what will happen when you practice!

  35. Terry Ginis Reply

    I’m always hoping that one day there will be a video of someone who is NOT in perfect condition who is trying to do a workout. It would give we beginners a bit of inspiration instead of making us feel bad that we can’t do everything perfectly like the instructors. Just saying…..

  36. Kimberly Adams Reply

    Why is she in her underwear? Why must EVERYTHING be sexualized? Not inspired by this marketing ploy, Equinox. It could have been just as beautiful if she was wearing clothes.

  37. casey Reply

    1. She IS WEARING clothes.
    2. I can think of 50 other descriptive words OTHER than sexy to describe this amazingly strong balanced beautiful graceful athletic fit limber aligned powerful focused centered flexible peaceful inspiring fluid calm blissful pure radiant controlled devoted driven knowledgeable brilliant smart talented poetic muscular elastic motivated practiced developed experienced tested mature natural sensual attractive healthy energetic passionate artistic gorgeous lovely determined wife, woman & teacher. Yes 50. And after those 50, I feel the word sexy would cheapen the idea of what she authentically represents. if you are offended by the 50 words I describe her as, try any one move wearing anything you like, and the only word(s) you should come up with is RESPECT; respect her practice, and mind your own path. ♡Namaste♡

  38. Lacey Rose Cukier Reply

    The intention of this video is to sell underwear. The practitioner is highly trained and does the poses with poise and articulation, but idealization, capitalism, and sexualization is not what yoga is about. These marketing people know exactly what they’re doing.

  39. Janine Agoglia Reply

    As usual, I hate the filming as most of the time you can’t see her in the pose, just a body part (I hate filming of dance for the same reason). She, however, moves beautifully and effortlessly, I only wish we could watch her more holistically.

  40. Davrick Kahakuikamoana Waltjen Reply

    If you look at Briohny (the woman in the video) as though she came out of the womb with an advanced practice, you’re doing a disservice to a person who has worked very hard to reach the level she has. Just imagine her at the beginning of her journey, and contrast it with where she is now. Hopefully that is something from which you can draw your inspiration.

  41. Terry Ginis Reply

    Much respect for her-BUT when you are out of shape and hurt, she is the ideal-not the reality of my life. What I meant to say was that if some yoga videos were made using women with less than perfect bodies, it would make me feel better about myself right now. I watch many videos and I have NEVER seen a video with a person who is a true beginner without the perfect body. As I said-much respect for her. I have lost 91lbs on my own, but I’m still not where I want to be. I do yoga every morning and it still hurts after 2 1/2 months, but I’m not giving up.

  42. Davrick Kahakuikamoana Waltjen Reply

    Who goes to bed in workout clothes? She’s showing her dedication to her practice by hitting the mat first thing in the morning. If you’ve never been to a Bikram class, know that nearly everyone is wearing as little clothing as Briohny in this video.

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